2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories – Functional Beadlock Ring Kit – P5160154


Functional Beadlock Ring Kit

Brand : Jeep
Part Number : P5160154
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Part Description

Functional Beadlock Ring Kit allows true bead lock capabilities. This ring is required when running low tire pressures with bead lock capable wheels – P/N 77072466 & P/N 82215593.This Ring kit allows the user to secure tire bead for off road applications only. The kit includes a Functional Beadlock Ring, attachment hardware and an I-sheet.

Other Notes

DOT approved wheel with true beadlock feature. The outer bead of the tire can be mounted in a DOT-approved inner location or in the outer location as a true bead lock with the Functional Lock Ring Kit. It also features a protected valve stem design and meets all FCA US LLC standards for corrosion and load. With matching center cap.


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